“Yeehaw” the Mirror Ghost

The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous, but she is female and currently works at Paris Baguette in Arcadia, CA. This is a story about the time that she saw a ghost in her house.

The interviewer’s initials are denoted through the initials EL, while the interviewee’s responses are noted as AG.

EL: I remember when you told me about the ghost encounter you had with your brother in your grandmother’s house. Could you tell me about it again?

AG: This ghost story was witness by both me and my brother. This happened about a year ago when we were at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother has always told us that her house is haunted and that she has seen ghost encounter many times, but we never believed her until this encounter. My grandma claims that she encounters flickering lights, random shadows, and even weird wind noises that rush through the house. She has also claimed to have seen a cowboy ghost ever so often in the reflection of the mirrors in the house. However, me and my brother always felt like she was just making things up since she was getting old and her eyesight has been worsening over the years. On this particular day, me and brother were playing around the house and my brother being my brother decided to play a joke on me. I was taking a selfie and trying to comb my hair in the restroom when he suddenly came up behind me and screamed “BOO” into my ear to scare me. I obviously screamed because he scared the living sh*t out of me. A couple mins later, I was still standing in the same position and I thought I could hear him creeping up. I pretended like I didn’t know that he was coming, but strangely enough instead of him scaring me, I could feel a slight cold breeze on the nape of my neck. I turned around to see who it was, but there was no one there behind me. At first, I didn’t think too much of this, and walked out of the bathroom. At this moment as I was walking out of the bathroom door, I looked over my shoulders to check my reflection in the hallway mirror and suddenly in the mirror I saw a reflection of a ghost who looked like a cowboy following me. I immediately turned around in horror, but once again I saw no one behind me. Initially, I thought it was my brother playing a prank on me again and I called for him, but he came running from the living room. It definitely was not him! I was scared but it seemed like the ghost disappeared for the moment, so I temporarily forgot about it. Then, later at night, when me and my brother were just chilling in the living room, the lights started flickering and then suddenly a large gust of wind came rushing into the room. This wouldn’t have been so abnormal if it weren’t for the fact that all the windows and doors were closed. This kept going on until me and my brother decided that we had enough and ran out of the house. Ever since this incident, me and my brother have avoided going to my grandmother’s house!


This story was told to me very casually during one of my work shifts at Paris Baguette. The informant was my shift leader during this shift and this shift was going slow and there weren’t many customers so then she decided to tell us some of her ghost encounters to past time. I personally believe this story because I was listening to the story and I watched her facial expressions the entire time and it didn’t seem like she was making up the story.  She genuinely seemed scared by this “ghost encounter”. This also wasn’t one of the first ghost stories she has told us, so it seems like she was not making this story up. Although I’m not sure why this ghost appeared next to her, she told me that her family naturally attracts a lot of supernatural entities and they often have ghost encounters and there is often unexplained activities in the house. I also personally believe this story because as she told this story, all the hairs on my arm stood up and a cold gust of wind passed by us. Although I believe the majority of this story, the one part that still makes me question this story is the reasoning behind the cowboy ghost. I just don’t get why the ghost was in the figure of the cowboy and I would like to know why it was a cowboy of all things. In the end, the only possible assumption I can make is that maybe this ghost could be an ancestor that used to live in this house or his remains might be buried under this house.