The Legend of Buster Brown and the Queen

“My school is in this this town called Whi-Maia, with lots of hills. The two most prominent hills are Buster Brown and Lailai. People like to hike ‘em…Lailai has a specific story behind it. During our graduation our teacher told us during our hula-practice because our dance had to do with hills. In the past one of the ancient queens lived on Lailai…There’s a bunch of like rocks scattered below…at the base…like there are just these boulders at the bottom. I think the hill was Buster Brown actually. So anyway, the ancient queen lived on top of the hill and every night she would send her warriors to protect around the hill, but then she would turn them back to stone during the day. So when she died, no one could turn the stones into warriors. That is the reason why there are lots of boulders surrounding the hill.

Context/Analysis: The informant first heard this legend when she was practicing her Hula-dance for her graduation. She heard it from her teacher. It is not significant to the informant per se, but it is significant to her teacher since she grew up near the hill and played there as a girl. The informant felt as though her teacher had generously shared the legend with her and her classmates, so she’s never forgotten it. The myth of Buster Brown Hill shows the significant of Hawaiian storytelling in modern Hawaii. The myth relegates on an ancient Hawaiian queen as the explanation for the formation of these rocks at the base of the hill.