The Montage

Nationality: American

Primary Language: English

Other language(s):  French

Age: 52

Occupation: n/a

Residence: California

Performance Date: 3-23-18


What it is: Thy shall never prosper

In Kapalua Bay, on the west side of the Island of Maui, there is a legend about a plot of land. This specific plot has been the location of several hotels that have never seemed to be able to prosper. The land that is built upon was the ruins of a very famous battle, and is thus, sacred Hawaiian land. In the last decade alone, the hotel has changed hands three times. The Ritz Carlton had been there and has since changed hands and is currently the Kapalua Bay Montage Hotel.

Why they know it:  This is an island legend. Our family friends who live on the island have told us this before and it is now something that we always bet about. “I bet this one won’t last a year”, etc.

When is it said: This is something that is more talked about in passing or when it comes up. For example, “have you heard that the Ritz changed hands again? It’s because of the curse of the land.”

Where did it come from: Old Hawaiian Legend

Why its said: This doesn’t have much meaning other than it is meant to add context to current situations. It is also often used to estimate how long the next development will last.

Thoughts: I don’t always believe in legends that affect the natural world to the extent this one does. However, I have personally witnessed this happen over the years. Thus, I believe that the ancient Hawaiian burial ground does in fact have the power to affect the natural world. Now, I am not sure if the power is magical or if it is a matter of psychological influence by the natives, on to the natives, and onto the tourists. None-the-less, this legend is something that has appear in mundane life. The legend above is also relatable to legends of similar sorts, such as haunted houses, the ‘evil witch’ of the neighborhood, specific plot of land, etc.