The Mouse and Lion

One day a mouse walking across his path in the forest when a massive beast of a lion lunged after him and grabbed him by the paw. The mouse began to squeal as the lion roared in delight, ready to devour his prey.

“Stop! If you do not eat me, one day I will return the favor!” said the mouse.

“How can such a little mouse ever do me any favors?” said the lion.

“Sometimes the littlest ones have the biggest spirit” replied the mouse. And while the lion was skeptical, he decided to give the mouse the benefit of the doubt and let him go free.

The next day, a legion of hunters attacked the lion and tied up before leaving to get the necessary tools to skin him.

While they were gone, the mouse returned and using his teeth, cut open the rope to free the lion, who gleaming with joy looked at the mouse and asked “How does a little mouse have such a big heart?”

Essentially this tale is about being kind to one another and how that goes a long way of paying it forward in the long run.