The Story of Santa Claus (as told by Lori)

When we were little, we used to believe in Santa Claus. It was just the way kids are, I suppose. Something that was a little different though is that we used to believe that Santa would leave our Christmas presents on the doorsteps of our house. We later learned that it was our grandparents. They would ring the back porch doorbell and leave all their presents there. Then later on we would find them coming through our front door. It’s so funny that we weren’t able to understand that they were ringing the back doorbell. But it was always a treat we would wait and wait and wait on Christmas Eve… Me and Uncle Gary, and Auntie Deanne and Uncle Paul… and when we would hear the back doorbell we would run together and get all our presents. It’s also funny how selfish we were as kids, less interested in out grandparents and more interested in the presents they got us haha.


My Thoughts:

I don’t really believe in allowing children to believe in Santa Claus. I didn’t really ever believe in Santa… I think I always knew it was my parents. I really appreciate the sentiment though that sometimes we get caught up in the glamour of Christmas and forget to cherish the moments with our friends and family.