The Tale of the Capre

Tags: Tale, Philipines, Capre


At night, when you’re looking up at the trees, you’re not supposed to point at them because they say that if you look closely, you’ll see eyes and they belong to a creature called the Capre. The  Capre is this old guy that sits in trees; he’s dark with horns and he smokes all day.

Informant Info

Race/Ethnicity: Filipino

Age: 21

Occupation: College Student

Residence: California, USA

Date of Performance: March 2024

Primary Language: English

Other Language(s): Tagalog

Relationship: Friend


KM, the informant, is of Filipino descent.


Filipino superstitions are typically associated with promoting good luck and health. This tale serves to act as a charm (or anticharm) of good luck. If you look at the Capre, you will get bad luck. If you don’t look at the Capre, you will get good luck.