The Vibrating Bed

At Lupe’s house, in Roxxanne’s room in the middle of the night in her room and her and Vincent and ALbert have all experienced the same thing in the middle of the night the bed will vibrate like slightly so and then she’ll go around and ask people “Is that an earthquake, did you guys feel it” and nobody ever feels anything. It’s just her bed vibrates in the middle of the night.

My informant did not experience this piece of folklore firsthand and was told this story by her cousin. This story was told to me at a dinner where everyone was telling ghost stories and strange occurrences that happened to them. What I found interesting about this piece of folklore was that, in the setting that I was in, once people started telling ghost stories, everyone else wanted to chime in even if they had not experienced anything paranormal themselves. They just wanted to be part of the group.