“Three Dead Sisters”


At my high school, we were located right next to a graveyard. There was always like… so right after WWII, right after the British left, they found three bodies of three dead girls. Like my High School was a hospital during WWII, and they found the bodies in a stairwell. People say whenever it rains, the lights flash on and off and people say it’s the girls haunting the school and if you look to the graveyard, you can see three candles being lit in commemoration of them. I went to high school in Hong Kong, it used to be called King George V School. If you go to that back stairwell, the temperature drops – only in the specific area they passed away. I can confirm that it’s cold right in that specific place. There’s a weird chill and it’s eerie – and it’s all artificial light, not natural light. I heard the girls were sisters –  the daughters of a high ranking British officer. When someone else invaded the school/hospital, he put them there to be safe but he never came back for them so they died of starvation. Oh, and they were all under the age of 13.


Everybody at my high school knew the legend. Students, teachers would joke about it. There’s historical evidence my high school was a war hospital. I don’t believe in the legend, but whenever I go to that staircase no matter what temperature it is outside, it’s chilly despite having no airflow or anything there… and on the day of their anniversary three fires do get lit from the graveyard and I have no idea who does it. I think people tell it because it’s entertaining and gives our school a little history and backstory. It’s kinda spooky and fun and yeah.


Whenever there’s a typhoon or something like that, and the lights flicker we’ll talk about it. Otherwise it’s just whenever anything generally creepy happens. And you always tell it to incoming freshmen. Seniors always tell it during initiation or whatever, to pass the story on.

My Thoughts:

The most interesting part about this story to me is that the informant personally felt the chill and saw the three lights in the graveyard – I guess my first instinct is to think that some students must go do it every year, but my informant said she never heard of anyone taking on that responsibility, and she felt like she probably would have known. In any case, I think it’s cool that this story gives this school character and it’s fun to think about how the story influence’s people’s physical perception of that hallway, or maybe there’s some weird way to explain the cold feeling with physics?