Toilet Freeze Tag

“We had a couple different types of freeze tag growing up. The one I remember everyone always wanting to play was toilet freeze tag. Once you were frozen by the tagger you had to stay in sort of a toilet position. You kind of squatted down and left your arm out to be the flusher thingy. Someone on your team would then have to sit on you like a toilet and ‘flush’ your arm. Once that happened you were unfrozen.”


“Depending on how big the group was there would be more taggers. If it was just a couple of us we would only have one or two, but I remember at tennis camp having like 10 different taggers.


“There was no real winner I guess because the game only ended once everybody was frozen. So if you think about it, the tagger only really had the chance to win. We played until everybody was frozen, it wasn’t timed or anything.


“I feel like throughout all the different types of freeze tag, toilet freeze tag was always suggested. It was usually by one of the boys trying to be funny or something but somehow we always ended up playing it.”


“We played it anywhere. Outside, like around my neighborhood,  and at different summer camps and stuff. Sports camps used it a lot as a warm up activity. A lot of times the staff had never heard of toilet freeze tag and thought it was funny so we got to play a lot.”


“I grew up in New Jersey but went to different camps all over where people knew about toilet freeze tag. Like at my sleep away camp in upstate New York most people knew what it was. Most of them were from Quebec in Canada, so I feel like the game is pretty universal. I’ve also met a lot of people that don’t know what it is but I feel like they’re a little older or something.”


My Interpretation of the game:


I remember playing freeze tag when I was little with a bunch of different themes. The toilet freeze tag was always a hit with the young boys. I’ve asked a couple people around to see if they also played toilet freeze tag when they were little and got an assortment of answers. There didn’t seem to be any consistency with knowing the game and being from a similar place. There also was no consistency in age. I think that attending different camps where they require you to do group activities and games like that has an effect on if you know the different types of freeze tag or not. In those situations, you already have a large group of kids together from different places and backgrounds and at least one of them are going to know toilet freeze tag. Therefore, I believe that kids that attended activities like camp and other group kid stuff are more likely to have heard of or played toilet freeze tag. I think it’s interesting how many different types of freeze tag there are because realistically you can make anything the key to unlocking your teammates. With kid’s creativity, the freeze tag possibilities are endless.