Turkey on a Chain Prank

Graham is a 21 year old music major at USC. He is originally from Houston Texas and has lived there his whole live, he specifically lived on a ranch. A big part of Graham’s family activities is hunting. His grandfather and father take him quail, duck and hog hunting frequently. Graham says his life involved a lot of hunting before he came to LA. He said that there was a prank that someone pulled on his grandfather, and has been done many times in his area. Graham speaks of his grandfather then passing this prank on and doing it to a friend of his. Graham says now that he has heard of the prank, he cant wait until he does it to one of his friends one day.

“my grandfather had a friend that had never been turkey hunting before, and so, my grandfather, john dumpki said ‘I’m gonna take you on a hunt Walt’ and so they went to the ranch and Walt was extremely excited to go Turkey Hunting, more so than any other person my grandfather had ever taken hunting, needless to say, Walt did not know my grandfather and his partner had purchased a prize turkey AKA the biggest best and strongest looking turkey in Texas. They shipped the turkey to the ranch without Walt’s knowing, and set him up for the best trap. So Walt gets up, wakes up at 430 in the morning before sunrise, and my grandfather said to Walt ‘I have the perfect baiting line where there are always turkey and you’re gonna sit there until they come there and you’re gonna shoot one’, and so there was a pop up blind that Walt sat waiting behind for the turkey and my grandfather is on top of hill with binoculars looking down at Walt, and needless to say turkeys slowly come out of trees coming towards the feeder, my grandfather is sitting on top of hill, looking at Walt stick his barrel right outside window of the blind, all of sudden the big turkey walks out of the bushes and my grandfather sees Walt’s barrel shaking cause he’s so nervous, heart racing, and he knows he’s about to take the big turkey, so Walt shoots, hits the turkey, jumps out of blind, so excited he sprints over, and turkey is dead, picks up turkey by feet and drags it to truck, then he hears a yank, the turkey isn’t going any farther, then he looked down and noticed turkey was tethered by a chain to a tree, then he noticed it was all set up , looks at grandfather with binoculars laughing cause he had waited all his life to take that guy hunting”

I think this prank is something very Southern related. Where I am from, there is no such thing as hunting. I think it is interesting to see how prominent a part of life it was for Graham and the way that his family and other families in the region made fun through hunting.