Vagina Peeking

“You ask someone if they want to see a vagina, and usually the answer is “yes.”  So you ask them to put their palms together and hold their hands out so one hand is on top of the other.  They have to spread their fingers, and then you put your palms together and spread your fingers and put your hands between their fingers.  Then you ask them to open their hands and look inside.  It’s a vagina!”

My informant for this piece of folklore heard this from a friend when she was in middle school.  She felt that a lot of kids in middle school were sharing this with one another and asking if people wanted to see a vagina to the point where it got old.  The age group amongst which this folklore is shared is important because it is around this age that school kids start sex education and grow increasingly curious about their bodies.  For children go around school demonstrating to one another the anatomy of the female sex organ shows that they are getting familiar with their bodies and, in a way, socially educating each other in humorous ways.