Venetian Mask

Nationality: Italian/Ethiopian
Primary Language: English
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Date: 4/19/2024


“Masks are not just decorative during the Venetian Carnival, but they are deeply embedded in the history of Venice. They resemble masquerade masks but are a representation of social freedom, allowing people from different classes to mingle without prejudice.”


S.Y.,being part Italian, grew up hearing about the carnival and learning about its significance. He recently saw it himself a few years ago when he went to visit his family on his mom’s side. He recounts the masks being explained as a symbolic prop that represents the transformative power of tradition. 


The tradition of wearing masks reflects an aspect of social disguise and a sense of freedom. It’s intriguing how this practice serves as a temporary bandage to social equality. Allowing those to temporarily turn away from societal barriers when it comes to class and race, especially for my participant as he is mixed. It can also be expressed as a performative aspect of identity.