Wedding Pilaf

The recipe calls for:


Slivered Almonds


Pitted Dates

Long Rice

It’s a fancier kind of pilaf that’s used for weddings, celebrating momentous things like that. It’s just fancier. Instead of rice and noodles, you top it with raisins and dates and various nuts. Sometimes you have it at weddings and sometimes you have it on other special occasions and its really just fancier than regular rice.

  1. Is it difficult to make?

I’ve never made it myself however I know how to, it’s fairly simple. I’ve made rice pilaf before, it’s essentially rice pilaf with a topping of cooked raisins and almonds and such. It’s quite good?

  1. What other occasions do people eat this?

It depends. It’s a kind of celebration dish… not something you make every day. Sometimes at Thanksgiving we eat it. I don’t know it’s a special occasion food.