Wide Noses

“My mom and her friends always say that if a person has like a wider nose or a fatter nose, that means they…that’s a symbol of wealth.”

My informant told me about this Chinese saying she heard from her mother. Previously, I had heard that fat earlobes were a sign of wealth, so I did a little more research. Apparently, both are part of something called ‘Chinese Face Reading,’ which is similar to palm reading but focuses on facial features instead of palm lines. I find this very interesting because a person goes through life with the same nose they’re born with (in most cases, at least). So this type of reading is essentially set from the moment of birth and cannot be changed. I asked my informant if she believes this to be true, and her response was that she wasn’t sure. She did, however, express a desire to go look up famous people’s faces to see how wide their noses are.