My third grade informant from McKinley Elementary described a game commonly played on the playground.

“Well double 007 well you have to um do your hands on your thighs like this, then you put your hands back like this to reload …you can cross your hands like this to block them…shoot. If you shoot while someone is reloading they lose.” How many people can play at a time? “only two….and…we take turns.”

007 is a game my informant recently learned from one of his female classmates. The game is very similar to rock paper scissors because it is a combination of hand movements and sayings. The game is played by repeating the phrase Double O seven. While saying the word double both hands hit the legs, while they say “o” both hands hit the leg again. Then when they say seven hands either shoot back representing a reload, cross arms with hands on shoulder representing a shield, or both ands shoot forward. I asked my informer if he what “007” was he said? “No