A Lucky Welcome

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is CH.

QB: Are there any everyday superstitions that your family follows?

CH: Ok…so, you see this a lot on Chinese New Year but it can be done everyday. But many people hang a…um…a red piece of paper diagonal that has the Chinese word “fu” that means fortune or good luck. But the word is usually hung upside down because the Chinese words upside sounds very similar to the Chinese word “arrive”. So if you hang it upside down it is similar to saying “good luck” or “good fortune arrives”. And those hang on doorways all the time.

Analysis: It is interesting that the student noted that the superstition can take place on either Chinese New Year or everyday. It is understood that just because a person decides to do this everyday, they are not considered more “superstitious” than another person. In fact it is very welcomed within the country.