An American Easter

An American Easter:

D.S.: OK, a real popular family holiday has always been Easter, for us. Historically, we always started out the morning with an Easter hunt for the kids, and we kind of started a family tradition years ago, of getting the See’s Candy chocolate bunnies, uh, for the kids, at which time the kids would rip off the ears, and add milk to the chocolate bunny, shake it, and make chocolate milk. So that’s always been kind of a tradition for everyone to rip the ears off to make chocolate milk inside the chocolate bunny, and then everybody goes to church, and we usually have a meal with everyone after for the rest of the afternoon.


Easter is a significant holiday for most Americans, as well as many others around the world, and D.S. shares her experiences from childhood, in addition to her present customs regarding the holiday. It is in her point of view celebrated as a very Christian holiday, yet the old Germanic pre-Christian practices concerning Easter are also understood and observed, but for her in a way that is very commonly seen as fun for most Americans, not having to do with any spiritual significance. It is done much in the same way that Santa Claus is represented in Christmas.