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Chinese food rap

ITEM: 香蕉苹果大鸭梨。 罐头波萝大川橘。 铁蚕豆,葵花子,要喝凉的有汽水。 想吃糖,巧克力,山东特产高梁怡。 萨其马, 鸡蛋糕,不够吃的有面包。 吃馄饨,炸元宵,山东芥末辣青茭。 尼子大衣皮大衣。制服皮包布拉吉。 Banana, apple, pear, Canned pineapple, orange. Lima beans, sunflower seeds, if you want a cool drink, there’s soda. Want to eat candy, chocolate, Shandong special candy, Sticky dough cakes, fluffy egg cakes, if you don’t have enough there’s also bread. Eat dumplings, fried yuanxiao (sweet or… Continue Reading »

Red bean soup (红豆汤/糖水)

INFO: Dried dates Red bean Longan – a fruit like lychee Rock sugar Water Slow cook everything together in a pot on the stove so the beans would turn mushy. Serve either cold or hot. BACKGROUND: The informant’s mother used to make red bean soup (in Chinese: 红豆汤 [hong duo tang] or 糖水 [tang shui])… Continue Reading »

Polish galumpkis (stuffed cabbage rolls)

INFO: Ground beef with some seasoning Rice with garlic and onions Cabbage Wrap the ground beef and rice (season with pepper and salt) with the boiled cabbage. Bake them in tomato sauce for four hours at 325F. BACKGROUND: The informant’s grandmother would make them, maybe a dozen times total during the informant’s childhood. It’s a… Continue Reading »