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La Llorona

My brother claimed to know the story of La Llorona and recounted it here: “In some poor part of Mexico, supposedly some lady went crazy and drowned her kids or killed them somehow. And now she goes around crying ‘n shit about her kids. And if she sees a little kid being bad or something… bad […]

Korean Food Generosity

An informant who is from a Korean family was explaining her family’s tendency to try and overfeed guests as a sign of being a good host. Here she recounts an experience she had with food during a visit in Turkey: “When I was in Turkey they do a similar thing where they offer you way […]

Colors & Hand Signs in the Latin Kings

A friend who grew up on the South Side of Chicago explained a few of the meanings of iconography for the gang the Latin Kings: Their colors are gold and black. Gold is supposed to represent like Life for the members. And black is supposed to be their blackness absorbing the other rival gangs. Then […]


A friend who has moved around the United States frequently during lifetime noted that there was a vast number of ways to refer to cigarettes. In New Orleans, where he lived the most substantial part of his life, they were referred to as “Joes” : “When I first got there people would ask, ‘Can I […]

As All Get Out!

The following Southern expression was explained by someone who has mostly lived in the South (U.S.). He first, and most frequently encountered it in the state of Alabama: “It’s really an emphatic expression. Basically you can say something [any noun] is as something [any adjective] as all get out! For example, ‘That’s as cool as all get […]