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Butthole Hair (Korean Joke)

Background Info/Context: Both my mom and dad would tell me this silly Korean expression, that I truly believed as a child, whenever I would cry and then start laughing. They used this phrase to make me laugh harder after crying, most likely to help me feel better or to just poke fun at me. They used… Continue Reading »

Eating While Laying Down

Background Info/Context: As a child, I liked to eat snacks or meals while laying down, whether it be my parents’ bed or on the floor in front of the TV. My dad used to scold me, saying that it was bad for my digestion, but I never felt sick or nauseous. I had seen him… Continue Reading »

“Contradictory” (Origin of the word in Chinese)

Background Info/Context: A few friends and I were talking about different words in our own respective languages. For example, in Korean, a booger is called “코딱지” which literally translates to two separate words that mean “nose” and “sticky thing.” So my friend piped in saying that there was something similar in Chinese for the word… Continue Reading »