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Tortillita Song

Una tortillita para mama, una tortilito para papa, hechos a huego por que ya se van. A little tortilla for mommy, a little tortila for daddy, put them on the fire because they are leaving. The informant was taught this song by her mother-in-law. The song is sung to kids that have fallen hurt. You… Continue Reading »

Mal Ojo

In El Salvador there is a belief in the evil eye or mal ojo. When giving it to someone it can cause harm. Babies are more susceptible to getting sick from the evil eye. The mal ojo goes hand-in-hand with “vista fuerte” or strong sight. If you have a string sight you can cause harm… Continue Reading »

Salvadoran Poverb

Cuando esta piensa ( points to crotch area) Esta no piensa (points to head/brain)   This basically means that when we let our sexual urges control us, we lose all cognitive reason. Mothers say this to their daughters in order to explain to them the consequences of getting caught up in sexual urges. My informant… Continue Reading »