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The Blue Light

Background: My informant for this piece grew up in rural, northern Wisconsin. I know from personal experience that living in an isolated area such as this one can cause serious boredom, especially during adolescence. Because of this, people who grow up away from the city often make their own fun, creating games and exploring the… Continue Reading »

Haunted Theaters and Ghost Lights

My friend shared this story with me and another female friend one night in the kitchen after work. I asked this friend about her haunted house and she later shared that her classmates always left a ‘ghost light’ in the school theater. It was bad luck not to leave a ghost light. This friend also… Continue Reading »

Pele, Hawaiian Lava Queen

Informant: Jordan was born and raised in Seattle until she was 10, then her family decided to move to Hawaii where she still resides when not attending school at University of Southern California. Original Script: “Pele is the Hawaiian goddess (ghost?) of Lava, and I am from the big island which is one of the… Continue Reading »

Dames Blanches

16) Dames Blanches This is from out of french mythologies/folklores. Dames Blanches are white dressed female spirits who supposedly appear near caves, caverns, bridges or ravines. These are not extremely evil spirits, but they would ask passersby to do certain things for them to pass. Those who did what was asked of them were able… Continue Reading »