Main Piece:


Indonesia is a land and island with a lot of spirits. You must be careful whenever you are leaving out at night.


My mother used to tell me that there are ghosts of babies, or what look like babies, that crawl out of the ocean and night in the beaches.


Background Information:

Why do they know this piece?

This is something that my mother told me/warned me about.


Where/Who did they learn it from?

From my mother.


What does it mean for them?

It is a very spooky story. Because of this story I don’t like going out at night even if my friends asked me to. Especially to the beaches because I heard other people (friends, family) seeing these baby ghosts crawling on the beach multiple times.


Context of Performance:

Talking to mother through the phone.



This is very creepy and although I never seen it during my time in Indonesia, when I did come back to Indonesia for the first time since I left, I did feel a lot of spiritual presence there, especially during the night/midnight of the new year.