Beatles Jokes

The informant is Chinese American. He was born and raised in California. He calls himself one of the biggest Beatlemania, and he went to Paul McCartney’s Los Angeles Concert in 2013.


Beatles Jokes


1. On my way to work, I saw a guy beating his wife. He was hitting all over her and she was screaming. Ever since then I could not concentrate.

He punched her in the stomach, as she lay on the ground. When I walked by, she cried “Won’t you PLEASE help me?!”

Ever since then I can’t get the Beatles off my head.


2. What is yellow and lives off dead beatles?

Yoko Ono.


3. My wife left me because of my Beatles obsession.

Informant: “These are some of the funniest Beatles jokes I heard. I literally burst out laughing after hearing #2. How can someone thing of that? That’s brilliant. #1 and #3 were as if I was looking at my self. It was so funny because I could relate myself to it so much.”
The informant’s love and respect for the Beatles is expressed through the Beatles jokes he picked out. By saying that he relates himself to #1 and #3, he implies that he religiously loves the Beatles, and that he thinks the Beatles music are bigger deal than anything. #2, the Yoko Ono joke, implies that the informant has negative feelings towards Ono. The point of the joke lies on deriding Yoko Ono, and #2 is truly funny when you deride Yoko too as you understand the joke.