Bomb under Omaha

The informant grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, he tells the story of the alleged unexploded WWII bomb buried underneath Dundee District in Omaha City.

N: Around where I went to high school. There’s a place called Dundee, in Omaha, it’s an old part of the city. And um, during World War II, there was a Japanese attack on Omaha– a bombing. And I think one bomb went off? Maybe other bombs went off. Uh, but, supposedly there’s a bomb that didn’t explode on impact that got buried underneath Dundee somewhere and is still an active bomb.  And so there’s a general, I guess, fear in the zeitgeist, that one project–one development project accidentally hits that thing and it blows up. 

I think There’s, uh, a park near my high school has, like, a thing about it. Like a plaque or whatever about the bombings. It’s also like a historical event. It’s one of the very few, actual mainland US attacks that Japan did. I think they used, like, balloons or something. I don’t know if that part’s true, but like. . .


This urban legend has a very real historical event attached to it. There’s no doubt that the bombing on Omaha left a deep traumatic scar on the people of Omaha, and so, this rumor of an unexploded bomb has been born from it. Keeping the rumor of an unexploded bomb alive, is a way of remembering the trauma and pain of the bombing that took place during WII.