Main Piece:


So the Chupacabra is like….no one really know what it looks like or what it is, but its described as a little werewolf…he’s much bigger than a wolf though…and the thing is he’s very well talked about in South America because there’s this thing “where is the livestock going”? cause they would be killed…he wouldn’t really eat it but just such the blood and dispose of the carcass


thinks it’s a cool story because it explains how the livestock is going away


Background Information:

Why do they know this piece?

Just growing up in a Mexican family in Mexico people would talk about it and my family and cousins would talk about it and you’d tell scary stories and tell stuff like that to scare people…story told a lot growing up to scare us.


Where/Who did they learn it from?

Friends, cousins, uncles, family.


What does it mean for them?

Was very into Dracula for a long time so it helped me think of supernatural beings out there existing – they’re not just human beings in human form, but they can be in other forms – such as this beast that sucks blood from animals, etc.


Context of Performance:

Sitting inside friend’s room just talking.




It is interesting that in this case, the Chupacabra myth was not only born to say, scare children from playing out in the dark at night (which could be dangerous for a variety of reasons), but that it could also possibly be born from a need to explain what is happening to the livestock.


Again, it is interesting to see that these ghost stories, much like in Asian cultures, are passed down through family members.