2) Chupacabras

  • The chupacabra is a legendary creature that looks like a freaky mangy coyote thing with big eyes and huge fangs. Chupacabra means “goat sucker” in spanish, because when goats and chickens start turning up dead, completely drained of blood, it means there’s a chupacabra around. Parents/friends/teachers used to threaten that chupacabras would eat us if we went out by ourselves late at night. I remember seeing a tiny mangy chihuahua out on a walk at night and thinking it was a chupacabra and running the hell outta there.
  • Annalise told me of this story when I asked her of specific San Antonio related folklores and folk creatures. She heard of this story because her parents and texan family used to tell this to her as a kid so that she won’t go out late at night. She kind of said this as a joke, something along the lines of big foot.
  • I have never heard of Chupacabras before even though i’ve lived in San Antonio for 6 years. I do know about Big foot though. I wonder why Chupacabras are not as “famous” as Big foot; maybe it is because Big foot is present in more cultures.. but why??? Chupacabras kind of sound like a creature that people invented to justify wolfs and predators that killed their lifestock.