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Christmas Baby Jesus Cake

Text: Informant: I know as a kid– I grew up in a fairly predominantly hispanic neighborhood– there was this cake. It’s like this big pastry, and each person gets a slice. One of them has the baby Jesus. It’s supposed to represent Jesus in everything. It’s also supposed to be good luck.  You’re like receiving… Continue Reading »

La Llorona in Venezuela

Informant: Are you allowed to use ghost stories for your project?   Interviewer: Yeah actually, I thought more people would tell me ghost stories but it’s only been like one.   Informant: Because back in Venezuela a really well known one is the legend of La Llorona.   Interviewer: What? That’s a thing in Venezuela… Continue Reading »

Hispanic Proverb-Game

Informant: Carlota Rodriguez-Benito. 20 years old. Spanish Heritage, born in Miami, lived in Mexico. USC student. Informant:“El que se va de su villa pierde su silla” Translation:“The one who leaves his or her villa looses his or her chair” Informant: “If someone stood up from their seat, whether that be at school, at home, or… Continue Reading »

Our lady of Guadlupe

8) Our lady of Guadalupe Our lady of Guadalupe is the mexican reincarnation of Virgin Mary. Long time ago in Mexico, the Spaniards/white mexicans were in charge of both property and the Catholic church while the Mestizos and the Native Americans and in general darker skinned mexicans were the peasants and doing all the hard… Continue Reading »