Dime de que Presumes y te Dire de que Careses

RH was born in Santa Catarina La Chatao, a pueblo in Oaxaca, Mexico. All of the proverbs that she knows she learned from her mother who learned them from her mother and so on. Proverbs[Dichos] are a more subtle way of communicating in Mexican culture, and are ways of having entire conversations with only one sentence. Most dichos speak of faults that can be found in human nature and how that can lead to fall out among kin and kith groups.



Dime de que presumes y te dire de que careses


Tell me what you boast of and I will tell you of what you are made of



For my mother this proverb means that a person makes presumptions about their worth without having proved themselves. It is used when a person boasts about being able to do things but never showing that they are capable of doing them. It is mostly used against people who try to make themselves out to be of a higher caste/position than they are.