Drinking Game – American

Captain Dickhead

Rules: Each person draws a card from the pile

Each card has a rule that must be obeyed

If a person does not want to obey the rule, then they must drink a beer

If a person gets an Ace, that person has the power to tell anyone to do whatever he or she wants them to do (referred to as Captain Dickhead)

My informant first heard about this drinking game at a fraternity party at Cal State Long Beach.  My informant played this drinking game at a party with his fraternity brothers.  My informant said the game is really fun.  My informant said the game is called “Captain Dickhead” because whoever gets the card with the ace can tell anyone who is playing the game to do something very embarrassing or ridiculous.  Therefore, the person with the card of ace is considered “Captain Dickhead.”  My informant said that this game makes drinking alcohol more interesting.

My informant said that there is another variation of this game called “King’s Cup.”  In this game, everyone must pull a card as well.  However, it is a little different in that in the middle of the table there is a big cup that is filled with alcohol.  As everyone pulls a card, whoever draws the last card with a king on it has to drink all the contents in the cup no matter what is in it.

Many people play different variations of this game so that drinking alcohol is more exciting.  My informant stated that “Drinking games help people loosen up and relax.”