Drinking pickle juice relieves cramps

The setting is over brunch over spring break. The informant is an undergrad student studying Health and Humanity. My relationship with the informant is not very close, but this brunch was to help us get to know each other better and talk. I was not intending to collect folklore from her, but we got on the topic of my hatred for pickles and she says, “Oh if you hate pickles you will love this. My sister gets really bad cramps in her calves and a family friend who is a doctor told her to drink pickle juice to help them. So she drinks like straight vinegar.” Disgusted, I ask, “Well does it work?” And my informant responded confidently yes. Apparently, drinking a small water bottle amount of pickle juice can cure cramps. I asked a doctor that I know if he had ever heard that and he said he hadn’t, but maybe next time I get a cramp I will try it.