Drop Bears

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is AS.

QB: So you spent some time in Australia?

AS: Yeah, I studied there for 6 months.

QB: Were there any stories that you learned while there?

AS: Actually yes! The first thing that the locals will tell any tourists or newcomers is that they need to watch out for drop bears. Drop bears are essentially vicious, aggressive, koala hybrids that drop down from trees if you’re not paying attention. They’ve been known to bite and attack people who were unaware to watch out for them.

Analysis: The tricks on tourists seem to be alive and well as the student said that this was one of the first things that they and their friends learned. While it was quickly dismissed, it seems to be a good trick for tourists to pay more attention to the landscape around them and appreciate more of nature. They were very pleased with the joke and said if they ever returned they would quickly make sure to continue the tradition of these “vicious animals”.