Elbow Tag

Elbow tag is a variation of tag that Lizzy learned from her older sister. It combines a few different versions of tag. It is similar to hide-and-go-seek-tag in that the kids who are not “it” start by hiding. Although, they can move from their hiding spots. It gets its name from the rule that the only way to get people “it” is to tag them elbow-to-elbow. Lizzy could not tell us why they changed the rule to just elbows beyond “it’s cheating.” It could be because it would be harder to accidentally shove someone too hard, or to lessen the spread of germs. Maybe it is to make sure there is no mistaking if someone was tagged or not, or simply as a variation to liven up the game. Lizzy said she played this at home, not school. Tag is a game for children of all ages, so it would work well in a neighborhood with kids of varying ages. It also can be played with no equipment and varying numbers.