Folk Slang – Whitney High School, Cerritos, California

“Tabish was a language created by a group of kids who called themselves, and were later known, as Tabes. The language was created so that they would be able to speak without anyone else knowing what they were saying. It eventually spread throughout their entire class and into mine, which was a year younger.”

A few words, meanings, and examples in sentences

Toig: This word meant hot or cute.  “That girl was toig”.

Maje: This word meant really or very. Pronounced like the first part of major but without the ending Maje could be put to the beginning of almost any word. “That girl was maje toig.”

Wah: This word meant ugly. “That girl was wah.”

Oh Yesh: This pretty much meant “yeah, right” or something to that effect. “ Oh Yesh you got into Harvard.”

Et Tu: This came from “Et Tu, Brute” and just meant to stab someone in the back. “ I got et tu-ed” or “You et tu-ed me”. You could even call someone an Et Tu.

Stadts: This word came from the name Hofstadter, who was an author of one of our books for the AP US History class. This pretty much meant to have gotten screwed over or done poorly on a test or something. “I got stadted.” “That test was stadts” or just “Stadts” which could be a response to a question.

C: This was pronounced like the letter C. Referred to Chinese people.

Iconnex: This referred to Indian people. The story behind this is that supposedly, all Indian people are connected to each other in some way or another or just all know each other.

Noid: This just meant nerd. “Haha, what a noid.” You could even change someone’s name to include the word, such as Justine becoming Noidstine.

Eyyyyyyyyyy: This was a common greeting. “Eyyyyyyyy.”

Yeah man sure: This was a common reply, somewhat analogous to “Oh yesh.”

Chiquites: This word meant small, could be what you call a short person. “Eyyyy, chiquites”

Dyome: I think this meant a cool person, or someone who tried to act cool. I am not too sure. “What a dyomes.”

Pabbed: This word meant screwed or owned. “Damn I got pabbed” “Got pabbed” was a common phrase that was thrown around when something went badly.

I went to a small high school where most of us were what would be classified as nerds. In my high school, there was a guy who was known as Kool Karl from the class of ’06, which was the class one year ahead of mine. Apparently, he was the one who created the language we all called Tabish when he was an 8th grader, when I was in the 7th grade. He was a Tabe, along with all the other people from that class who were instrumental in creating Tabish. It spread throughout the class of ’06 and ’07, even into the other classes. There was even an article about it in my school newspaper, and many teachers new of the language and what some of words meant. The language was created as a way for the Tabes to be able to talk amongst themselves without any other people knowing what they were saying. Basically, the language consisted of words that made it easier to talk about other people without them knowing, but it became a staple of my high school for a couple of years and eventually wasn’t able to perform its main function, which was to create privacy. Even though there were a lot of people who used the language, there were a lot who didn’t. The class that was two years ahead of mine didn’t use the language very much, while a large number of people in the class that created the language used it. The language was also relatively widespread in my class, with fewer using the language in the class younger than mine. Apparently, around 200 words were created; I can’t recall most of them, and actually didn’t even know that there were that many words. I’m pretty sure that the language has pretty much died out now in the school, but I haven’t been back to check. Although, some of my friends and I still use it sometimes when we talk amongst ourselves, and I’m sure that some members of the class of ’06 still do as well.