Folk Superstition – Jewish

Folk Superstition- The Blue Ribbon

When I was born, I came out three and a half months premature.  I almost died and had to stay in the hospital for three months following birth.  Because of this, I think my mom was always trying to find things that would bring me good luck.  When I was out of the hospital and taken home, my mom had a blue ribbon attached to my baby bed.  Of course I don’t remember seeing it then, but my mom kept it with her for quite some time.  She showed me it recently and said that putting a blue ribbon on a baby’s bed prevents bad luck from falling upon the baby.

My great grandfather, who is from Eastern Europe, told this story to her.  Supposedly he was very into superstitions and practiced them frequently.  My mother said this is only used on a baby’s bed, and shouldn’t be used otherwise.  I am not sure of the reasoning, but I have a good guess.

In most cultures, babies are seen as completely pure and innocent.  By the time a baby grows, innocence is already escaping them.  This blue ribbon that can only be placed on a baby’s bed might be done so for this reason.  It will protect them from bad luck during their first few months of life, so they will be lucky forever.

Another thing I found interesting was the color of the ribbon.  Since my family is Jewish, blue is seen as a color of beauty.  Supposedly, it is the color of God’s Glory.  It is a strange coincidence that blue was the color chosen.  I believe this superstition also helped my mom connect with her grandfather.  In a way, it allowed me to do the same.  Also, it probably connected my mom with her Eastern European heritage.  My mother tells people the ribbon was the reason for no complications after I left the hospital, but I think she just likes the story.