Main Piece:

Participant – “In terms of hiccups, you… um, take water… from like a water bottle… and then drink it upside down.”


Participant and I were sitting in her dorm, sharing our home remedies, she shared this one with me directly after sharing another piece of folk medicine about curing a cold. I then shared with her my own personal hiccup remedy.


Participant was born and raised in Mill Valley, California and is currently a second semester freshman engineering student at the University of Southern California. This piece of folklore was shared with the participant buy her aunt.


There is a very large section of folk medicine centered around curing hiccups. I have come across a multitude of different approaches ranging from scaring someone, to laying upside down. I learned a similar hiccup remedy as a child having to do with drinking water upside down, but mine had slight variations from the participant.


For other hiccup remedies see https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/9896.php