Huldra- Scandinavian Folktale

Main Story:

“My father immigrated from Sweden when he was twelve years old after his parents died a few years earlier. He came with five dollars in his pocket but a very strong work ethic.  Growing up he lived with family members that often told him folklore so I’m glad you asked me! One of the main ones I heard was about The huldre or Huldra? I believe it was huldra, but she was a very beautiful troll who lived in the woods. She would seduce unmarried men and take them into the forest where she would not let them leave unless they married her. She had a tale of a cow so if she was married, in a church, her tale would go away.”


The interviewee’s father told him these stories as a boy. I had remembered my girlfriend telling me that her grandfather had immigrated from Sweden. He, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago. I asked her father if he had heard any folk stories from Sweden. Luckily he remembers a few his father told him as a boy.


I had not heard many Scandinavian folk stories so I enjoyed learning about this one. I was interested that Scandinavian folk stories often portray trolls. It seems like a unique theme that carries through quite a few folklore stories.