If you stay in the water too long you turn into prune

My family and I always go to Lake arrowhead during the summer to our family home. There is not much to do in Arrowhead but go in the lake. My family and I would go in the water all day and my fingers and toes would prune from being in for so long. My parents when they wanted me to get out of the water would tell me I would turn into a prune if I stayed in too long.

Informant: The informant of this folklore is Hannah Vaughn she lives in the Pacific Palisades. Hannah is nineteen years old and heard this from her dad while vacationing in Lake Arrowhead.

Analysis: I never understood the real reason why my skin would prune during the summers. I always thought it had to do with time of year, but as I grew older I realized it was from staying in the water for too long. Some of my friends in the past when they were younger were so scared when their parents told them they would turn into prunes they would get out immediately. It seemed like it was a way to get their kid out of the water without argument.