Joke – Mexican

Joke – BiggerLiar

Es que jugaban dos aver quien era mas mentiroso porque los dos eran bien mentirosos. Y no pos para estar seguros agarraron un juez. Que el juez iba decir quien gana. Y después uno dice “Tu primero”. “Okay, yo tengo un pajarito que de estar parado en el suelo las alas le llegan asta el cielo.” El juez dice “mentira grandísima. No hay quien te la supere.” El otro dice “Okay ahora yo sigo. Hace mil quinientos anos yo tenia un burro en Jerez y cada vez que rebuznaba le metía la reata al juez.” “¡Mentira! ¡Mentira! ¡Las mentiras! ¡Suyo es mas grande! ¡No es cierto! ¡No es cierto!”

Two played to see who the bigger liar was because the two were big liars. And to be sure they got a judge. The judge was going to say who wins. And later one says “Your first.”  “Okay, I have a little bird that while standing on the ground the wings span to the sky.”  The judge says “What a big lie. There is not any who can surpass it.”  The other he says “Okay now it’s my turn.  Its been a thousand five hundred years that I had a donkey in Jerez and each time that it brayed it would put stick its penis into the judge.”  “Lie!  Lie! That’s a lie! Yours is bigger! Its not true! Its not true!”

Alfredo told me that this joke was just for entertainment purposes while sharing laughs with his friends. However, he said that this joke signifies the homophobia that goes on in the towns of Mexico. The judge had to automatically declare the second “lie” as the bigger lie because then he would have been seen as homosexual.

I definitely agree with him when he says the judge is afraid of being labeled as a homosexual. You can see it when he reacts hysterically after the second lie is stated. In Mexico, homosexuality is definitely down upon in the town that my father is from. He mentioned to me that that was where he heard the joke way back in the late-60s. Also another thing that can be seen is the competitive that they have. Everything must be a competition over there to see who can claim to be better. That reminds me of the new Nike commercial that has recently been televised, which shows their notion of ‘my better is better than your better’. Competition is widespread in the world and here it is both in the US and Mexico.

As a note, the experience of hearing the joke is definitely affected when it is translated. Both lies when told in Spanish have a rhyme scheme. It is not present in the English translation, so it takes away from the ‘punch’of the punch line in the end.