Joke – Milpitas, California

Engineer Golf Joke

There were three good friends playing golf together one day: a doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer.  On this day the group in front of them was playing very slowly and they were getting frustrated with the waiting.  Just then a green’s keeper buzzed by in a golf cart.  The trio complained about the slow group.  The green’s keeper told them to relax because the one guy in the next group was blind.  The trio was shocked and impressed that a blind guy was so dedicated to the game.  The lawyer said “maybe I can give him some free legal service”.   The doctor said “I’d like to examine him and see if there’s something we can do medically for his situation.”   Then the engineer said “Why can’t he play at night?”

The informant was told this joke at work and passed it on to her fellow engineers.  She thinks that it plays off the fact that engineers are supposed to be natural problem solvers.

I think jokes like this one help to make all engineers feel connected and give them a kind of pride in being engineers, while at the same time being able to laugh at themselves.  It brings out the positive benefits of being an engineer, in having more of a common sense kind of mind, rather than being feeling or emotion oriented.  It emphasizes that engineers are level headed and down-to-earth.  In addition, the engineer is focusing on the task at hand and trying to find ways to be more efficient, a common goal in the many fields of engineering.