Lake Victoria’s Guardian Spirit – Myth

Text: Long ago lake Victoria was a barren land devoid of life. A god was relaxing one day recognized the humans and animals of the land needed an oasis to survive. Taking such pity on the creatures the god began to cry and his tears formed a beautiful. Humans and animals from all over came to the lake and the god swore it would bless them for generations to come.

Context: “This is another story I heard growing up in Kenya. A woman who used to take care of me would tell me this story as a bed time story. A lot of older people where I’m from believe that the lake is a blessing from heaven so there’s a lot of similar stories.”

Analysis: The myth of Lake Victoria’s origin and its guardian are an interesting example of how natural phenomena can become divine. Since so many people and animals rely on lake Victoria it makes sense that its impact could be akin to a gods blessing. Oftentimes people will make something holy or a divine figure to give it a more physical form to give thanks to. The divinity of nature is typically humanity’s way of showing thanks.