The Descent of the Kenyans – Myth

Text: Once god had created the land, the sky, and the waters he went to his people atop mount kiliminjaro. He declared that his people were blessed warriors and they were to descend from the heavens to live in the land below. The people who descended became Maasai and Kenyans.

Context: “This is a common myth throughout Kenya. The first time I heard it was most likely from my mom but I heard it retold many times after that. I believe it that our people have a special power and connection to the land out there.”

Analysis: The heart of this myth is not in whether the story is an accurate representation of creation or whether the people are really a chosen people. The myth shows that the land the people live on is a sacred gift that they should be honored to inhabit. In addition it’s meant to give purpose to why the people live. They did not merely happen on accident but were instead sent by god.