Superstition that runs in my family. Basically if you look at a baby you have to touch it because then you will give them the evil eye or in Spanish it’s called “ dar ojo” I don’t know I guess it’s kind of like putting bad vibes towards the baby in the baby feels bad vibes. Kind of like giving the baby MV or showing Envy towards them. The baby’s stomach will start to hurt and they will start gets to get sick. Babies in the Mexican culture usually wear bracelets that protects them against those bad vibes that people can give them like some people can give I buy more than others.


Babies usually that have the bad eye are usually very restless and can get very fussy. They’re always uncomfortable they get nightmares. Embracement protect them from those bad vibes. I have a bracelet and it has a little Saint on it that protects them. I have one. Another thing that people do is they put on egg under their bed which absorbs all of the bad vibes and you might also have to light a candle but I’m not sure.


I’ve had my bracelet and have changed it because I’ve gotten big which also symbolizes how much ive grown.  Luckily me and my brothers have never gotten the evil eye because we have won the bracelet since we were babies and also I heard that you can get the evil eye even if you’re not a baby so one time a person came up to me and started touching my hair because they didn’t want to give me the evil eye because if they hadn’t touch my hair it would stop growing.


Background info

They send form it feels really protected and believes in the Superstition just in case it’s real so she always Where’s her  bracelet Wherever She Goes. She really feels like with her bracelet it means a lot to her because of how much she’s grown and it’s a symbol of faith as well since the bracelet has a little saint on it. It also helps her to not give em be towards others.


Context: In an article it explains “the evil eye, is a widespread superstition rooted in medieval Europe and rampant in Latin America. The idea behind the superstition is that a look can literally curse people, particularly children, making them sick. Across Latin America and Spain amulets are employed to protect against the evil eye, and folk remedies and witch doctors are relied upon to cure its curses.  It has been widespread in many places and in mexico it is connected with faith since the amulet has a saint on it