Mexican Lullaby

sana sana colita de rana, que se alivie en la manana

healthy healthy tail of frog, which is relieved in the morning

heal heal toads/frogs tail may you heal in/by the morning

SOs mother used to sing this to SO and his siblings at night before they went to sleep.  

SO told me that the toad/frogs tail is said in a cute sort of way. A way one would speak to a small child.  The focus on a toad or frog as needing to be healed overnight perhaps comes from the fact that a frog lives its early life as a tadpole. Most markedly, the tadpole’s tail disappears as it matures. While the song may have soothed the children to sleep, it also helps reassure their mother that when they mature (wake-up) they will be healthy (healed).  It is as much a reassuring song for children as it is for parents.

A slight varitation on this lullaby can be found at: