This informant shared a tradition their family follows due to their Jewish heritage. In the Jewish culture, it is very common to find a small piece of wood in the doorway of any home. This wood has an extremely important purpose as it is a symbol of blessings which sanctifies the house which it hangs on. A Mezuzah is a small, decorative piece which specifically hangs on the right of a doorframe from the perspective of the entrance of the home. Mezuzah actually means doorpiece in Hebrew, embodying the message that Jews proudly live in this home and are not afraid to show it. Mezuzahs have been around for thousands of years, connecting, protecting, and uniting Jews around the world. 

The Mezuzah tradition highlights a significant aspect of Jewish culture, deeply rooted in religious practice and family heritage. Usually the Mezuzah bears a parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah which serves as a symbol of blessings and sanctification for the home.  As individuals pass through the doorway adorned with a Mezuzah, they are reminded of their connection to God and their obligation to uphold the teachings of the Torah. The Mezuzah carries both spiritual and symbolic weight, embodying the Jewish people’s pride in their heritage and their commitment to living in accordance with their beliefs. Despite centuries of dispersion, Jewish communities worldwide have maintained the practice of affixing Mezuzah to their doorways preserving a tangible link to their shared heritage and faith.