Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is an extremely popular drink in modern culture however what many people do not know is that this drink has roots stretching back to regions in South America. My informant, who’s family is from Argentina, shed insight on the origins of this populus drink and its deeply instated traditions. The origin of Yerba Mate starts back centuries when ancient natives saved the lives of the moon god and cloud god (Yasí and Araí) from a jaguar. As a gift, these deities bestowed Yerba Mate seeds to thank the natives for their rescue. Yerba Mate was a drink which was then shared amongst the natives, being passed around for all to enjoy. It was very unique to have a drink which coincides with being a social occasion. Yerba Mate is more than just sharing a drink, it is about sharing life’s simple pleasures. 

Yerba Mate proves to demonstrate cultural and historical significance with deep roots stemming from the South American country of Argentina. The cultural tradition of consuming Yerba Mate stretches back centuries to ancient indigenous peoples, who received the seeds as a gift from deities in gratitude for saving the lives of celestial beings. This origin story imbues Yerba Mate with a sense of sacredness and communal importance, as it symbolizes a connection between humanity and the divine. Yerba Mate transcends mere refreshment, serving as a social and cultural practice that fosters both community and shared experiences. The act of passing around the drink amongst the community reflects the importance of camaraderie and hospitality within indigenous societies. This reflects in our modern society today, emphasizing the role of Yerba Mate as a conduit for bonding and interpersonal connection.