Mid-Autumn Festival


Is there anything you retained through the years?


“In Taiwan?”


Anywhere, here, Taiwan, anything you retained through the years.

“During the Mid-autumn festival, we ate moon cakes, in Taiwan and also still here.  And we sit out and enjoy the moon.  And eat pomelos and turn the peel into a hat to put on the kids heads to wear. “

Is there anything else that happened?

“In Taiwan it was a day off. “


After doing some research, the Mid-autumn festival is a harvest festival that is celebrated by many of the southeastern countries of Asia.  It was often to give thanks for the harvest and gathering of family.  Often also a day seen for praying for longevity and a good future.  Searching up the curious event of fruit hats, it seems that pomelo hats were always mentioned alongside the terms “moon festival” or “Mid-Autumn festival” and even has spread amongst foreigners who know about that tradition.  My father who grew up in Taiwan recounted how this festival was a tradition that he celebrated with his family growing up, and now continued to pass on after he moved to the United States.


Hearing this from my father filled me with an odd bit of nostalgia.  When I was a child, I recount moments I picked at the white pith of a pomelo peel that found itself onto my head.  Aside from being outfitted with fruit peels, the most vivid memories were seeing mooncakes on the counter and eating with relatives that come in from out of state to celebrate with my grandparents.  It stands as one of the symbolic holidays that represents the importance of family in Tawianese tradition.