Pass the Salt Shaker

So when you have a saltshaker, in my family you have to put it on the table before someone else can pick it up. You can’t just hand it hand-to-hand because they think you are going to have an argument or fight with them.


Who started this in your family?

I have no idea. It must be from where my mom’s from [Bolivia], because my aunt—not really my aunt—family friend does the same thing and she’s like really hardcore about it.


Do you abide to it?

Do I pass the salt hand-to-hand? Yes. Cause I don’t believe in it.


But the rest of your family does?

Yes, my mom’s side of the family.


Have you actually seen arguments start because of someone passing the salt hand-to-hand?

No, I’ve never seen an argument start cause of this.


But it’s just a known thing in your family?



My Reaction:

Based off of every Latin family I’ve ever met, I can conclusively say that Latin people are a very superstitious people. Since this is something that Val’s Bolivian side of the family withholds, it makes complete sense that some of them are very adamant about it. It is strange to me that even if they know nothing will happen if they do pass the salt-shaker hand-to-hand, that some people still abide by it, but I guess that there are just some things you do because you’re used to it more than anything.