The Back of My Hand Itches

I remember, my mom didn’t tell me this when I was younger, so it’s kind of weird how I know it now. She told me this when I was kind of like a teenager so you know, I was able to question bullshit. But what she told me is that if the back of your hand itches, that means you are about to come into some money. And she said she got that from her mom. And it was just a thing that was passed down within the family. So I don’t know. I heard this when I was a teenager, so I really didn’t believe it. But every time after that, my mom would be like, “my hand itches, I’m about to come into some money, Joshan” –err, she wouldn’t call me Joshan, she would just call me Josh. I’m like, “oh, okay…” Like I thought it was complete bullshit.


Would it happen where her (your mom’s) hand would itch, and money would come from somewhere?

Yeah. I think it was just like, it got to the point where it was too many coincidences, like it just kept happening. And since it kept happening, my mom kept believing in it. Every time the back of her hand itches, she’s about to come into some money.

And do you not believe in it?

No, I don’t.


Has there ever been a time where your hand’s itched and you came into money after that?

No, but there’s been times where the back of my hand does itch, and I’m like, “oh shit, probably.” It never happened, though. I can’t recall.


My Reaction:

I feel like I’ve heard something like this before. There are a ton of superstitions regarding the bodily sensations you get. I’ve heard people say that if your ears are ringing, then that means that someone is talking about you. Just stuff like that I hear all the time. There’s no validity to any of it, but I just think that people like causes and effects for the things that happen to them.