Penis size

You can tell the size of a man’s penis by his shoe size

This is a myth I had heard before, but I thought would be interesting to put into the archives after my informant started talking about it.  Neither of us could remember where we first heard it, but he mentioned that it would be pretty difficult to either prove or disprove the theory because of the nature of what would have to measured.  There are different versions of how this theory is played out in modern folklore, but the most common version I hear is “you know what they say about a man with big feet…”  Alternatively, someone may say as a joke afterward, “He’s got big shoes?”  Even though they may say that phrase instead of what everyone else is thinking, that person knows what was meant in the original statement.  A problem with this myth is that, even if someone wanted to prove it to be true, how would the measurement comparison work?  And would it work for European and Asian shoe sizes as well?  There are many issues that would have to be resolved before such a study could be undertaken.